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Preview Day HELP - 3/16
Mason Softball Booster Families, Preview Day is 3/16 and...
Mason Softball 2019 CALENDAR
Mason Softball 2019 Calendar
Preview Day HELP - 3/16

Mason Softball Booster Families,

Preview Day is 3/16 and we are still looking for a Preview Day Director(s).  Preview Day brings together local teams to play against each other to raise awareness and money for a charity chosen by our seniors. This year the seniors have chosen Ronald McDonald House as their charity.

This person(s) will be responsible for the following:

  • Collect checks for the officials

  • Have officials sign the vouchers

  • Make sure the teams/buses know where they are playing

  • Coordinate the field preparation volunteers before each game

If this is too overwhelming for one person, we are open to having two people share this role. This person(s) should be from a non-varsity team because that will allow the varsity parents to watch their daughters play.

We also need 16-24 volunteers for field preparation between games. This includes raking around the bases, home plate and the pitcher’s mound as needed and touching up the 1st and 3rd base chalk lines. We plan to use the varsity, both JV and one Corwin Nixon field, so that is why we need so many volunteers. We are still working on the timing, but we will have two shifts with 2-3 people at each field.



by posted 03/13/2019
Mason Softball 2019 CALENDAR

Mason Softball 2019 Calendar

by posted 01/17/2016